Holiday Hangout

Many residents of 6 west came out and decorated cookies last night. Thanks for hanging out!



This is Geography

Hello Residents of 6 West, I hope you are having a great last week of classes.  I know you all are busy but I wanted to give you all a snapshot of what you missed last night.  Last night was the last meeting for the series This is Geography for the semester.  The series This is Geography is a lecture once a month by a Geography professor about geography.  If you are interested in attending, let me know and we can go next semester.!

Last night Geography Professor, Dr. Underwood was the presenter.  He went on to talk about how glaciers affected how landscaped were formed, including forming lakes and rivers.  He pointed out that here in southwestern Wisconsin, there were no glaciers to come through.  Dr. Underwood then talked about how they take samples from the soil to figure out what type of landscape was there long ago.  For example, if there was corn pollen in the soil, that would mean there was a high population of people in that area for that time period.

The other interesting fact that was learned was about grass.  Have you ever been on a slip in slide and be going so fast that you overshoot the end of the slide and cut yourself on the grass?  That is because grass has these little microscopic rocks attached to them that can cut the skin.

Once again if you have any interest in going next semester please let me know and we can make a wing event out of it.  Also make sure you are studying hard and have a great end to the semester!

  • Austin


Congrats to chase on his big win against Stevens Point on Thursday night! Chase lives on 6 West and is a wrestler here at UW-Platteville. Chase eats healthily and maintains weight every week in order to wrestle his class. I am always seeing him exercising! Remember to exercise regularly!


Basketball Game

Hello Residents of 6 west!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Just to let you all know some of us went to the men’s  basketball game this past Friday for their first game of the year and they won! Thank you for coming everyone who came.  If you didn’t come don’t worry, there will be many for games through the rest of this semester and the next!
– Austin 

Stop the Hate

Good evening Residents of 6 West.  This past Tuesday night I went to Stop the Hate.  You’ve heard me talk about it before, but Stop the Hate is a group on Campus that wants to eliminate hate and bias incidents here on campus.  During this session we talked about hate music and symbols.  The reason why we should all know what these sound and look like.  This way we are able to spot them if we hear or see them.  For example, did you know a spider web could be a hate group symbol?  This also goes for when you want to get a tattoo.  You should do your research before you decide to get a tattoo.

If you all have any questions or concerns about hate music or symbols please let me know.  Also if you see any hate symbols or hear any hate music, please let an RA know right away.

  • Austin