Movie Night

Dollar Moooooooooovie night was this past Monday and a few residents and I hit the theatre to see the latest flick. Come and join us next time it was a lot of fun!



Dance Marathon


I just wanted to take the time to thank all of those residents who raised money, or even showed up and participated in such an amazing event. Dance Marathon raises money for Children’s Miracle Network of Milwaukee, we are taking a stand for those kids who don’t have the choice to. Consider coming next year, or even just participating in some events that lead up to the night itself. Give the world a reason to dance, pals. 🎉



Hey 6 west, checkout this bulletin board!

The Olympics is a time when people with different cultures, different backgrounds, get together and compete for gold. Although I’m sure most of you are team USA, but think about many of the cultures behind the other couuntries competing and watch sports that aren’t necessarily American based, such as curling!! The schedules are updated every 3 days, so check It out!

-Dakota Stout

Boxes With Walls

Good afternoon residents of 6 West.  I hope you are all having a great 4th week of school,  We are already more than 1/4 of the way through the semester!  This past Tuesday was the last day for an event called Boxes with Walls.  This event is a diversity driven event to shed light on some tough and difficult topics like politics, race, religion, LGBTQ, and gender.  If you did not make it this year you will have to wait until 2020 for this event to happen again.  I would highly suggest for you to attend next time.

I went for a second time this past Tuesday and I was an eye opening experience.  The most eye opening part to me was the difference in price between female and male products.  For example, a stick of deodorant for a women cost $3 more than the male deodorant and it was half the size of it.  There are so many more eye opening experiences that I hope you take the time and go see it the next time Boxes with Walls is available because it will change how you think about life.

United We Stand

Hello residents of 6 West.  This past Sunday night was the 2nd United We Stand speaker of the year.  United We Stand is a series here on campus where it tries to help us as college students through college.  This past Sunday our speaker was from New York and his entire message was about setting your own path.

In today’s society we are told we cannot do something try something else, or your horrible at that why are you doing that.  He used the example, are you on the same path you wanted to be on as a Junior in high school?  About half the people in the room raised their hand saying they were not on the same path.  He then asked if we were not on that path because we did not want to be or because someone else told us we were not good enough or we could not do it.

While we are in college and throughout the rest of our lives we will have people doubting us and telling us we cannot do something.  What we need to do is listen to ourselves and ourselves alone.

There will be one more United We Stand later in the semester on March 11th.  I highly encourage you all to attend!

– Austin

Super Volcano Movie

Good Afternoon residents of 6 West.  Last Wednesday I attended a movie put on by the Geography department about a Super Volcano.

The movie was from the Discovery Channel and it was about an eruption that happened in the 13th century.  Scientists found a group of people buried in the same place in England and they were trying to find the cause of it.  Scientists figured out it was due to a world wide famine that was happening around the world.  But what was causing the famine?

Scientists believed it was due to a massive volcano eruption that covered the entire world in ash.  But how would that be possible.  Scientists said the eruption much of happened around the equator to have the ash spread in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Scientists were able to find the volcano and discovered that back in the 13th century there were once two super volcano’s there.

I hope you all learned something new today.  Make your to take advantages like this while at college.  Try to soak up as much information as you can in your college career.

– Austin

The Haus of Music

Good Evening Residents of 6 West. I hope you all had a great Wednesday. Tonight before the Super Volcano movie was the Haus of music. The Haus of music is when CPR brings in fantastic artists to play at the Haus so we can listen to music and eat dinner. It is a great way to destress after these past 2.5 weeks of the semester. Hopefully some of you can make it next time!

– Austin