Women’s Panel


Good Afternoon Residents of 6 West,

Thank you to all the females on the wing who participated in the Women’s Panel.  I hope you were able to discuss great topics!

# Diversity

  • Austin

Dr. King


Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who came out to see Dr. King talk and who took part in the discussion about diversity.  I hope you all enjoyed having the discussion!


– Austin & Maddie

Leadership Training


Hey Guys!

A group of us went to the leadership training for a group on campus called the National Society of Leadership and Success. We all went to this to try and find ourselves and how we can be better. Through this organization we will help ourselves and others with new skills we learn.


Homecoming Float


Hi everyone!

At the end of last week we wrapped up homecoming week with working on the float! We stayed up late making the time machine from Meet The Robinsons! It was pretty cool! After a long, emotional week what better way to spend the night decompressing and relaxing by painting and building a float with some friends. Thanks to those who came down to help!


Vareity Show

Hey 6 West!


Last week was homecoming and a group of us went to the variety show. Variety show is an event where different groups get up and lip sync in front of the different clubs and organizations. When going to this it’s cool to see what’s going on on campus. You never know when you may run into something you find cool and want to join or be included in!


Tug of War


Good Afternoon Residents of 6 West! Last Wednesday we had some residents use their big muscles to participate in Tug of War for Homecoming!  Huge shout out to them and everyone who has participated throughout the week so far.


  • Austin