Hit a Grand Slam!


Good afternoon Residents of 6 West. I hope you all had a great Holiday break! If you check out the small Bulletin Board you will see how to hit a Grand Slam this semester! These tips should help you build a routine for this semester and hopefully you can follow this model for your college career.  If you do you will be successful in college and your life going forward.  Have a great semester!

– Austin



Bubble wrap door dec


Hello resident of 6 West. If you haven’t seen them yet, outside every door is your own square of bubble wrap to use for whatever you want. If you want to pop then, or use them for possible gifts. I hope you all enjoy them!

– Austin

#Place to Belong

Message Door Decs


Good afternoon Residents of 6 West. Last night I put message door Decs outside your door. I made them to look like text messages to show how useful this technology is. Before text messaging you would had to write a personal letter using paper and then send it in a paper envelope. Because of text messaging we have been able to save many tree and the environment. I hope you all enjoy them!

– Austin

# environmental

We’re Almost There


Hey friends,

Hope you all noticed your Friends door decs I put up! On the small bulletin board outside the kitchen are a few tips and tricks to help you be successful during finals week which will be here before we know it. This should help keep your stress a little lower during finals (hopefully). Don’t forget to start studying and take time for yourself in order to stay healthy mentally. Good luck studying!



Trivia Night


Hi Guys,

A few residents came down to enjoy our FNC (Friday Night Club) which was trivia night. It was a fun night where we ate nachos, trail mix, and candy. I would say everyone learned something new during trivia night. This is one of the few events that is opened up to all of campus which was fun to have people from different halls to be on our teams. Hope you can all make it to the next TNX!