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House Decorations

A big thanks to the residents of 6 West who came down and helped with cheering and painting of house decs!! The bonding time was fantastic 😊



Yell like Hell

Hello Residents of 6 West! I hope you are all having a great homecoming week.  Last night some of us went to Yell like Hell to support the men’s soccer team. They won 2 – 1 in first OT.  There are still 2 more events to help out with, House Decs and Float.  If you are interested in helping with either please let Dakota or I know.  

– Austin 

Great Start to Homecoming!

Hello Residents of 6 West, Happy Homecoming Week!  Yesterday the homecoming festivities started with Volleyball at 5 pm.  Rountree did outstanding and took 2nd place over all! Thank you to everyone who participated and watched.  The second homecoming event was United we Stand.  Thank you to everyone who came to that as well.  Tonight’s event is tug of war in memorial park at 4 pm.  If you’re free, please come out to support Rountree Commons! If you still want to participate in any events please let Dakota or I know!

– Austin 

Below is a picture from volleyball last night