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Chancellor Visit

Big thank you to Sam and Chase who stayed and listened to the Chancellor talk about the educational future of this University. There were a lot of questions asked about how this University is going to prosper in the future, and I think great things are in store!

Dakota and Austin


Olympic Medals

Hello Residents of 6 West. Now that the olympics are over I bet you are wondering how many medals the USA won, who won them, what kind of medal, and what event? I just posted a list next to the small bulletin board of just that information! So if yo sure curious on which US Olympian won a medal go check out that information!

– Austin

Career Fair

Hello Residents of 6 West!  Happy Thursday!! I hope you’ve been having a great week.  Just as a heads up, the career fair begins next Monday!  Ik it is coming up fast, but I’m here to help you all be ready!  On the small bulletin board I put everything you are going to need to know regarding the career fair.  From when it is, and how to prepare, to what to do after an imterview.  So when you get a chance please take a look at it.  Also tonight from 7 pm to 8 pm in the classroom here in Rountree there will be people from the career center here to look over resumes to help you get ready.  Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity! 

– Austin 

Stats Help

Hello residents of 6 West, I hope you had a great start to your week.  Tonight I had someone come to me and ask for help with elementary stats class.  I know that many of you are in an elementary stats or stats class and wanted to let everyone know if you every have any questions or are stuck on a problem that you can come to me and I will help you out.

Hope your week 5 goes great!

  • Austin