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Eating Habits

Tonight myself and a couple residents had fun cooking and making a nutritious, low calorie, meal in the kitchen. We are always open to new people joining us, so be sure to do so sometime!



Rethink Your Drink

Hello Everyone,

I just put of a Bulletin Board regarding how much sugar is in some of the drinks you might consume on a day to day basis.  Make sure you understand how much sugar you are consuming and try to make smarter choices in the future.  I hope you enjoy the Bulletin Board!

  • Austin
  • Sugar Bulletin Board

Walking to Class

Hello Residents of 6 West,

A couple residents and I walk to class every day.  We leave around 7:40 AM to make it to our 8 AM classes.  If you would like to join us to get some good and talk on the way to class meet me over by the elevators at 7 :40 AM any day of the week.  I hope you come join!

  • Austin