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Don’t Fall Down!

Hey all!

Winter is coming and you know what that means, the blues!! All though the leaves are falling, don’t fall with them! If you’re feeling blue, go to the wonderful resources we have here on campus, like counseling! Counselorsare more than happy to help you with anything you want or need!! Don’t Fall in to the winter blues trap!



Senior Night for Volleyball

Hello Residents of 6 West,  thank you to some of you who came out to the volleyball game last night for Senior Night.  I know that the past couple of weeks have been really rough with homework and test; but I hope that you were able to relax and take some stress out watching the game!  For though who did not go, the Platteville Volleyball team lost to Oshkosh 3 sets to none.  If you missed out don’t worry, we’ll be able to go to more sporting events throughout the semester for fun, and to help us de-stress  from class!

Softball Game

Thank you to everyone who came out in the cold to watch the softball team take on WLC.  Even though the semester is whining down and it can be stressful this time of year, I hope you were able to destress.

Good luck the rest of the semester and I hope you finish strong!

  • Austin



Hello Residents of 6 West,

I hope you all had a great Spring Break and you are ready to get back into the swing of thing so you can finish the semester strong!  In the hallway I have put up a bulletin board about napping.  It ranges from different types of naps, to what companies promote napping, to famous people who believed in napping, and the benefits of taken a nap.

For an example, if you have an 8 AM class and then your next class isn’t until 10 AM or later you might want to think about taking a quick nap.  When you are less tired you are more likely to have a better attitude and preform better in every aspect.

So if you get a change take a moment to go look at it!

  • Austin

Napping Bulletin Board