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Good evening Residents of 6 West. Last week Dakota and I put up a new bulletin last week. We hope you enjoy it!

– Austin and Dakota


Stop the Hate

Hello Residents of 6 West!  Last week I attended a Stop the Hate Introduction session.  If you do not know what the Stop the Hate series is, they are sessions that are normally ran by students teaching about hate and bias incidents and how to stop them.  These are great session to attend because they are very informative and if you are a freshman you are required to go to at least one of them!

The Introduction session that I attended last week was only about hate and bias incidents.  They explained the difference between the two and they said that we could stop this from happening on our campus.  Also if you have seen a hate or bias incident you can report it online anonymously via the campus website.  This helps administrators and campus police keep track of how many incidents are happening on campus so we can address them.  You can also always talk to myself or Dakota, but just as a reminder we are a mandatory reporter.

– Austin

United We Stand

Hello residents of 6 West.  This past Sunday night was the 2nd United We Stand speaker of the year.  United We Stand is a series here on campus where it tries to help us as college students through college.  This past Sunday our speaker was from New York and his entire message was about setting your own path.

In today’s society we are told we cannot do something try something else, or your horrible at that why are you doing that.  He used the example, are you on the same path you wanted to be on as a Junior in high school?  About half the people in the room raised their hand saying they were not on the same path.  He then asked if we were not on that path because we did not want to be or because someone else told us we were not good enough or we could not do it.

While we are in college and throughout the rest of our lives we will have people doubting us and telling us we cannot do something.  What we need to do is listen to ourselves and ourselves alone.

There will be one more United We Stand later in the semester on March 11th.  I highly encourage you all to attend!

– Austin

Stop the Hate

Good evening Residents of 6 West.  This past Tuesday night I went to Stop the Hate.  You’ve heard me talk about it before, but Stop the Hate is a group on Campus that wants to eliminate hate and bias incidents here on campus.  During this session we talked about hate music and symbols.  The reason why we should all know what these sound and look like.  This way we are able to spot them if we hear or see them.  For example, did you know a spider web could be a hate group symbol?  This also goes for when you want to get a tattoo.  You should do your research before you decide to get a tattoo.

If you all have any questions or concerns about hate music or symbols please let me know.  Also if you see any hate symbols or hear any hate music, please let an RA know right away.

  • Austin


DID YOU KNOW??? our homecoming theme this year was Australia… residents were stopping by and helping us get ready for the big day all week. We talked a lot about the different cultures, animals, and even lifestyle and artifacts that Australia has to hold. It was very interesting and we had a blast!


Stop the Hate: Intro

Good morning Resident’s of 6 West.  I hope you are having a great start to your week.  Last Thursday I went to the Stop the Hate: Introduction session in the Pioneer student center.  These Stop the Hate sessions are a great way to stopping hate and bias incidents.

The biggest way we learned to stop it is to stop rumors and “small things” from happening.  Rumors and “small things” are at the bottom of the pyramid and the best way to “knock down the pyramid” is to aim at the bottom.

We also learned that not all states have the same hate and bias laws.  Four states, which are Arkansas, Wyoming, Georgia, and South Carolina,  do not even have hate or bias laws.

We need your help to “Stop the Hate”.  If you see or experience any Hate or Bias speak up.  There is an anonymous form on the UW Platteville website if you wish to stay anonymous, but we encourage you to tell a professor, your RA, your RD, or campus police so we can put an end to the Hate and Bias.

  • Austin

United We Stand

Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a good start to your week.  Last night you guys miss an incredible speaker at United We Stand in Velzy.  The speaker was Monti Washington and he was amazing.

He first talked about how his mother was a prostitute and how his father doesn’t know he exists.  Then how he was bullied in group homes, abused in foster homes, and always told he would amount to anything because “He aint shit”.  His biggest message to us was, you could be the smartest person in the world but if everyone tells you are stupid and you believe them, they will be right.  You have to believe in yourself and have great confidence in yourself.

The most emotional part of the night is when he turned off the lights and asked certain questions and if that question applied to you, you stood up. This exercise was at the end and it was to show that people came from all different back grounds.  People have different stories and they might not look like their stories.  For example, Monti does not look like a person who grew up on the streets and was abused.  The best thing to take from this is to never “judge a book by it’s cover” and make sure you always know if you put in the effort and confidence you can achieve anything.

  • Austin