Solve a Murder


Hey guys!

I hope you all stopped by to see the crime scene last week. There was the opportunity to solve a murder by looking at a crime scene. It turned out this crime was committed by Al Capone at the St. Valentine’s Murder. Grant Patient was here to inform us about the crime scene and a little bit about forensic investigation and criminal justice.



Dia de los Muertos


Hi all!

At the beginning of November a Mexican holiday was celebrated. Dia de los muertos is a day to celebrate loved ones who have passed. This is something that the US has appropriated over the years. It is important to recognize this holiday as a part of Mexican culture. This board had some fun facts about the day of the dead, I hope you all got to stop by and read it!


Breast cancer awareness


Hi Everyone!

October was breast cancer awareness month. This is a very common cancer that appears quite often. I put up a bulletin board to inform you about facts about breast cancer. Hope you all were able to see it. This is something that everyone should be aware of so they can help themselves and/or others💓


Sex in the Dark


Good Afternoon 6 west Residents,

This past Friday we had lots of residents participate in Sex in the Dark.  An event where both genders are able to ask open questions freely and have them answered.  I hope you all enjoyed  & had all your questions answered.


– Austin

Canvas Painting


Good Afternoon Residents of 6 West,

Thank you to everyone who came to the Canvas Painting with Daniel O’Brien. There were some many people that we filled up the entire classroom!  I hope you all enjoyed the event & you made some great painting!

#Faculty Immersion

  • Austin