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Yell like Hell

Hello Residents of 6 West! I hope you are all having a great homecoming week.  Last night some of us went to Yell like Hell to support the men’s soccer team. They won 2 – 1 in first OT.  There are still 2 more events to help out with, House Decs and Float.  If you are interested in helping with either please let Dakota or I know.  

– Austin 


Great Start to Homecoming!

Hello Residents of 6 West, Happy Homecoming Week!  Yesterday the homecoming festivities started with Volleyball at 5 pm.  Rountree did outstanding and took 2nd place over all! Thank you to everyone who participated and watched.  The second homecoming event was United we Stand.  Thank you to everyone who came to that as well.  Tonight’s event is tug of war in memorial park at 4 pm.  If you’re free, please come out to support Rountree Commons! If you still want to participate in any events please let Dakota or I know!

– Austin 

Below is a picture from volleyball last night 

Stop the Hate on Tuesday

Hello Residents of 6 West.  This past Tuesday there was a Stop the Hate session.  This session was a deeper dive into hate crimes.  Did you know that in four states there are no hate crime laws?  You might be thinking, what is a hate crime?  A hate crime is a crime the has been committed that was motivated by hate.  For example if someone keyed a swastika into a car that is a hate crime because there is a crime being committed  (Vandalism).  But what happens if someone just puts pieces of paper with swastikas on it under windshield wipers?  That would be a bias incident.  A hate crime is always a bias incident, but a bias incident is not always a hate crime.

I hope that you will all be free to go to the next Stop the Hate with me!

  • Austin Hayes

Tie Dye Shirts

Hello Residents of 6 West.  Thank you to everyone who came down on Friday afternoon to get cookies and tie dye shirt in the classroom.  Also thank you to everyone who has come to an event throughout the week!  The last diversity week event will be on Sunday at 8 PM in Velzey Commans with United We Stand.  Hope you see you all there!

  • Austin

Career Fair

Hello Residents of 6 West!  Happy Thursday!! I hope you’ve been having a great week.  Just as a heads up, the career fair begins next Monday!  Ik it is coming up fast, but I’m here to help you all be ready!  On the small bulletin board I put everything you are going to need to know regarding the career fair.  From when it is, and how to prepare, to what to do after an imterview.  So when you get a chance please take a look at it.  Also tonight from 7 pm to 8 pm in the classroom here in Rountree there will be people from the career center here to look over resumes to help you get ready.  Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity! 

– Austin 

Dress for Sucess 

Hello Residents of 6 West.  I hope you are having a great 3rd week of school.  Next week the career fair starts and this bulletin board is going to help you Dress for Sucess. Even if you are not going to attend the Career fair this year, you should still take a look at the bulletin board because you never know when you’re going to need that knowledge.  I hope you enjoy! 

– Austin 

Make the Semester Legendary 

Good afternoon Residents of 6 West.  We hope your first week of classes is going well! Dakota and I put up a bulletin board on the wall outside suit 635.  The theme of the bulletin board is to make this year Legendary.  Now that it’s a new year try to step out if your comfort zone.  Try new things.  Stay tuned to the walls and the webpage because Dakota and I have some great events planned for all of you.  So when you get a chance check out the new bulletin board!

– Austin and Dakota