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Bon Fire

Hello everyone happy finals week!  I hope you all had a great time last Thursday at the Rountree Commons Bon Fire.

  • Austin


Planet Earth

Good Evening residents of 6 West.  Last Wednesday was the last lecture in the Geology Series.  This lecture was on planet earth and the different species of animals throughout the world.  The movie started with the polar bears, then moved to the penguins, then moved all throughout the world to show how different species migrate and how they survive.

I highly encourage you all next year if you get a chance to attend this lecture series, or even any lecture series that you are interested in.  That is one of the great things about being at college and being here at UWP.

  • Austin Hayes

Stop the Hate

Hello Residents of 6 West!  Last week I attended a Stop the Hate Introduction session.  If you do not know what the Stop the Hate series is, they are sessions that are normally ran by students teaching about hate and bias incidents and how to stop them.  These are great session to attend because they are very informative and if you are a freshman you are required to go to at least one of them!

The Introduction session that I attended last week was only about hate and bias incidents.  They explained the difference between the two and they said that we could stop this from happening on our campus.  Also if you have seen a hate or bias incident you can report it online anonymously via the campus website.  This helps administrators and campus police keep track of how many incidents are happening on campus so we can address them.  You can also always talk to myself or Dakota, but just as a reminder we are a mandatory reporter.

– Austin

Tornado’s of 2011

Good Morning residents of 6 West.  This past Tuesday I attended a showing put on by the Geography department  about tornadoes.  Specifically about the 2011 Tornadoes that went through the US.  The movie followed a group of scientists who tracked over 700 tornadoes over the year.  Most of the tornadoes did not reach over an F-3 which has a max wind speed of 206 mph.  But there were around 50 F-5 tornadoes that hit over that year.  A F-5 tornado can reach speeds up to 318 mph.

The video followed one tornado in particular.  Which was a tornado that went through Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  This tornado was a F-5 tornado and had a funnel diameter of over 1 mile at one point.  The only good thing about tornadoes like these, it that it creates change.  For example, homes in tornado prone areas have a reinforced shelter in the home.  This shelter is basically a bunker that people can stay in while there is a tornado coming though.  If people didn’t have these shelter, most people would have died.  The reason being, a F-5 is so powerful it pretty much picks up a house and completely destroying it.

I hope you learned something about tornadoes because they can happen anywhere.  I highly encourage all of you, if you have the time, to attend talks or videos like this.  Because they are one of the things that makes going to college so great!

  • Austin