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Paper Writing

A resident on 6 West and I are actually in the same class and worked on a paper. We got educated on APA formatting so come see us if you have questions sometime!




Not trying to flex but like, some residents on 6 West have some mad football skill. The next time you see us throwing it around in the courtyard come down and join!!


Dance Marathon


I just wanted to take the time to thank all of those residents who raised money, or even showed up and participated in such an amazing event. Dance Marathon raises money for Children’s Miracle Network of Milwaukee, we are taking a stand for those kids who don’t have the choice to. Consider coming next year, or even just participating in some events that lead up to the night itself. Give the world a reason to dance, pals. 🎉



Hey 6 west, checkout this bulletin board!

The Olympics is a time when people with different cultures, different backgrounds, get together and compete for gold. Although I’m sure most of you are team USA, but think about many of the cultures behind the other couuntries competing and watch sports that aren’t necessarily American based, such as curling!! The schedules are updated every 3 days, so check It out!

-Dakota Stout


Hey 6 west. WELCOME BACK!

Did you know one of our very own is on the track team as a thrower? I had the pleasure to go and watch Ty throw this weekend and he did very well. Throwing requires you to stay physically fit as well as eating good to stay on top of muscle to throw farther. Come watch next time!!