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House Decorations

A big thanks to the residents of 6 West who came down and helped with cheering and painting of house decs!! The bonding time was fantastic 😊



Truth about Stereotypes

On Wednesday, Dr.King, a professor at the university came to rountree and talked specifically about Stereotypes throughout the country that exist. Very eye opening conversations were had and stereotypes were discussed. If you ever have any questions about Stereotypes please, come talk to Austin or I and we can talk through them with you!! Thank you Dr. King for coming In!
Dakota and Austin

Sex in the Dark

A big thank you to those residents who came down and participated in sex in the dark. A little about it, sex in the dark is a program where people of the opposite sex sit on different sides of a dark room and they build a wall in between, yo u are allowed to ask the opposite sex anything you want, annonomously!! It was a fantastic program, and I hope more of you can attend another time!

Dakota and Austin