Paint a Canvas

Hello residents of 6 west.  Thank you to everyone who came down to paint a canvas with Professor O’Brien.  He had a great time!

  • Austin


Dr. Seuss

6 West,

With times becoming hard in our world, with the numerous walk outs, etc. It is important that every person, is a person. I made this bulletin board to show how the kind hearted Horton heard even the smallest people and faced execution because of it, but he never gave up to give those people a voice too!




Hello 6 West!

Fortnite is a common game apparently. Here are some residents and I taking a break and they let me try once, even tho I died right away, they really enjoyed it and I had fun hanging out with them.




Hey all,

If you haven’t met this sweetie pie yet we have a resident on our wing who owns her and she lives off campus, but visits Rountree often!! Sometimes you just need to take a step back, relax, and pet a cute puppy and all the struggles go away. Her name is Val, and is the sweetest little companion!!




Everybody meet Bo! I call him Boseph, but Bo works fine too. This amazing resident deserves recognition. Over the past couple of months in the training office Bo and I have had many interactions during his rehab process. Bo is on the track and football team. Working with Bo so closely I’ve gotten to know him so much better and I am so excited for the friendship we have built! Rehab is an extremely long and daunting process, make sure you’re staying on top of you’re overall health and performance, especially all you athletes!