Super Volcano Movie

Good Afternoon residents of 6 West.  Last Wednesday I attended a movie put on by the Geography department about a Super Volcano.

The movie was from the Discovery Channel and it was about an eruption that happened in the 13th century.  Scientists found a group of people buried in the same place in England and they were trying to find the cause of it.  Scientists figured out it was due to a world wide famine that was happening around the world.  But what was causing the famine?

Scientists believed it was due to a massive volcano eruption that covered the entire world in ash.  But how would that be possible.  Scientists said the eruption much of happened around the equator to have the ash spread in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Scientists were able to find the volcano and discovered that back in the 13th century there were once two super volcano’s there.

I hope you all learned something new today.  Make your to take advantages like this while at college.  Try to soak up as much information as you can in your college career.

– Austin


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