Stop the Hate

Hello Residents of 6 West,

Last Wednesday I was at the Stop the Hate session.  If you are unfamiliar about what Stop the Hate is, it is a meeting once or twice a month that discusses fighting bais and hate crime on college campuses.  I highly recommend going to these event because they are a great source of information.  

This week we learned a bunch if things.  We learned that most hate crimes are not committed in the deep South, hate crimes are not only a black/white issue, hate crimes against gay men and lesbians are generally non violent, and hate crimes laws are not uniform among the states.  Four states, Wyoming, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arkansas do not have any hate crime laws.  

We also learned that hate crime are statistically more likely to be commited by teenage boys, victims of hate crimes usually are more likely to need hospitalization or medical care as a result of the crime and most hate crimes are motivated by race.  

If you see or you feel like you have been a target of hate or bias please let Dakota and myself know right away so we can’t start our protical. 

– Austin Hayes 


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