Monthly Archives: May 2017

Pizza Stress Relief

Hello 6 West.

Yesterday we had our final program of the semester. A lot of people showed up to get pizza and take a break from the stressful day of studying for finals. Thank you so much for coming!!

-Dakota & Austin



Thanks to everyone who hungout and got some subs yesterday for winning hall council. It’s was fun to sit around and talk for 2 hours!


Rethink Your Drink

Hello Everyone,

I just put of a Bulletin Board regarding how much sugar is in some of the drinks you might consume on a day to day basis.  Make sure you understand how much sugar you are consuming and try to make smarter choices in the future.  I hope you enjoy the Bulletin Board!

  • Austin
  • Sugar Bulletin Board


Hello!! Tonight we had a few residents come down and listen and talk with professor Grant Patient of the criminal justice department. He previously worked private security at a fortune 500 company out of Chicago, and also was very insightful with future jobs. If you weren’t here, you missed out!

-Dakota and Austin