Stop the Hate: Intro

Good morning Resident’s of 6 West.  I hope you are having a great start to your week.  Last Thursday I went to the Stop the Hate: Introduction session in the Pioneer student center.  These Stop the Hate sessions are a great way to stopping hate and bias incidents.

The biggest way we learned to stop it is to stop rumors and “small things” from happening.  Rumors and “small things” are at the bottom of the pyramid and the best way to “knock down the pyramid” is to aim at the bottom.

We also learned that not all states have the same hate and bias laws.  Four states, which are Arkansas, Wyoming, Georgia, and South Carolina,  do not even have hate or bias laws.

We need your help to “Stop the Hate”.  If you see or experience any Hate or Bias speak up.  There is an anonymous form on the UW Platteville website if you wish to stay anonymous, but we encourage you to tell a professor, your RA, your RD, or campus police so we can put an end to the Hate and Bias.

  • Austin

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