Hello Residents of 6 West,

We hope you had a great first week of classes and are getting back into the swing of things.  Last night Dakota sent out an email saying that once a week we will pick one random resident and we will be putting a candy bar in their mailbox.  If you’re a winner and you do not check your mailbox to get the prize within a week, we will remove the candy bar.  Last semester over 1/3 of the building did not check their mail on a regular basis.  We hope this will get you in the habit of checking your mail on a regular basis.  In life going forward you will need to check your mail very often.  We placed the first candy bar in last Friday.  You’ll have until next Friday to check to see if you have won.

Make sure you check your mailbox at least once a week to see if you’re a winner!

Austin and Dakota




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