Duck Day coming soon!!!!

Hey there everyone! Guess what is happening next week! It is Duck Day hosted by Rountree Commons! The RA staff and Hall forum have been hard at work to prepare for this wonderful event. Details are as followed:

  • Duck Day is happening Wednesday, April 20th in the Rountree Commons Courtyard
  • It’s a $2 admission to benefit the Bed for Hope Campaign in Dubuque
  • If you don’t have $2, you can be admitted by bringing any of the following items:
    • • Liquid Laundry Soap
    • • Floor Cleaner
    • • 13 gallon garbage bags
    • • Disinfectant cleaner for kitchen, bathrooms, and all purpose
    • • Sun dish-washing powder soap ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • $2 gets you unlimited games and 1 food item (but we will have other food tickets available)
  • Food includes: cotton candy, freeze pops, and popcorn
  • Games include: cornhole, chuck a duck, plinko, duck pull, and more

I hope to see you guys there! Here is a duck.



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